What is Keyword research for collection pages ?

What is Keyword research for collection pages ?

keyword research strategy for collection pages on your Shopify website while incorporating keywords like “SEO,” “Shopify,” and “Shopify Website.” Here are the steps:


Step 1: Identify Collection Theme

Determine the theme or category of your collection page. For example, if you have a collection of shoes, your primary keyword might be “women’s shoes.”


Step 2: Main Keyword Research

Conduct keyword research to identify the main keyword for your collection. This should be a broad keyword that represents the collection’s theme. Utilize keyword research tools to find relevant keywords with decent search volume and manageable competition.


Step 3: Long-Tail Keyword Exploration

Explore long-tail keywords that are related to your collection theme. These may include brand names, product features, colors, and materials. For example, “waterproof hiking boots,” “red high heels,” or “leather sofas.”


Step 4: Analyze Search Volume and Competition

Evaluate the search volume and competition for the main keyword and long-tail keywords. Focus on keywords that align with your collection theme and have reasonable search volume.


Step 5: Create High-Quality Content

Craft a collection page that includes the main keyword naturally within the content. Describe the collection’s products, features, and benefits. Ensure the content is informative and engaging.


Step 6: Meta Tags Optimization

Optimize the collection page’s meta tags, including the meta title and meta description, with the main keyword. Make these tags compelling and relevant to attract clicks in search results.


Step 7: Internal Linking

Implement internal linking strategies by linking from relevant product pages to the collection page and vice versa. This enhances the collection page’s visibility and SEO.


Step 8: Monitor and Adjust

Regularly monitor the performance of your collection pages in search engine rankings and traffic. If needed, make adjustments to your content and keywords based on performance data.


Common Keywords to Target with Collection Pages:


Brand Names

Product Features (e.g., waterproof, for bedroom)

Colors (e.g., red shoes, black shoes)

Materials (e.g., leather sofas, suede sofas)

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