How to Creating a link structure ?

How to Creating a link structure ?

Creating a structured link hierarchy is essential for an effective SEO strategy for your Shopify store. Below, I’ll outline the steps to implement a link structure while incorporating keywords like “SEO,” “Shopify,” and “Shopify Website.” Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Define Your Site Structure

Begin by organizing your website into a structured hierarchy of categories and subcategories. For instance, if you sell bicycles, your structure may look like this:

– Bicycles (Homepage)

– Mountain Bikes

– Hardtail

– Electric

– Full Suspension

– Road Bikes

– Hybrid Bikes

Each of these items represents a separate collection page, with “Bicycles” being your homepage. This structure is user-friendly and also SEO-friendly as it allows you to target various keywords with each collection dedicated to a specific topic.

Step 2: Expand Your Collection Pages

Consider creating additional collection pages, especially if your initial structure didn’t consider keyword research. You can expand your collections in two ways:

  1. Competitor Research:Β  Analyze what keywords your competitors are ranking for, especially in products and product categories. Tools like Ahrefs can help with this.
  2. Brand and Product Options: Research popular brand names and product options such as colors and sizes to see if there’s search volume for these. For example, if you sell protein powders, you can create collections like “Chocolate Protein Powder,” “Strawberry Protein Powder,” and collections dedicated to specific brands like “Ultimate Nutrition.”

Step 3: Internal Linking Between Relevant Collections

Now that you have your collection pages in place, utilize this site structure for creating internal links. This is essential for on-page SEO and overall site structure. Here’s how to do it:

– Link from the “Mountain Bikes” collection page to its subcategories (“Hardtail,” “Electric,” “Full Suspension”) to help users narrow down their selection.

– Link back from the subcategory pages to the parent “Mountain Bikes” collection.

– Consider interlinking between subcategories, especially if there are overlapping products or related topics.

Internal linking offers multiple benefits, including improving user navigation, indicating topical relevance between pages, and enhancing SEO by distributing link equity throughout your site.

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