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Shiv Dutt Chauhan is an experienced web developer.


Senior Web Developer

Shiv Dutt Chauhan is a Software Engineer &Β  senior Β Web Developer with a strong focus on MERN, Shopify, and WordPress,SpeedΒ  optimization, performance, and SEO. With over 3+ years of experience as a senior Web Developer at BOOST STAR Experts, I have honed my skills in understanding market trends and addressing client pain points.

My proactive approach ensures timely and effective delivery of project outcomes to both business stakeholders and the team. I have a diverse background working across various digital channels, including SEO, Paid Media, Email Marketing, SMS, and Programmatic. While I pride myself on my knowledge of these channels, I remain committed to staying updated in this ever-evolving landscape.

In summary, my extensive experience demonstrates my ability to drive successful campaigns and lead teams to achieve business objectives.


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