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Are you looking to increase conversions and revenue from your Shopify store? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can help you do just that by making your website more effective at converting visitors into customers. As a highly experienced CRO expert with over 5 years of experience, I specialize in maximizing Shopify store conversions and improving the overall performance of businesses.

Through a variety of methods and strategies, including split testing, landing page optimization, usability testing, and design optimization, I can drive more traffic and leads to your website. My extensive background in analytics and data analysis allows me to make data-driven decisions about optimization, resulting in an average increase of 25% in conversion rates.

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What is CRO Strategy ? Best way to Improve CRO

A CRO strategy is used to increase conversions of visitors on a website or app. The goal is to improve the chances a visitor will take a desired action on your pages.

Store need to be user friendly and looking Attractive and below mention steps should be followed.

Website elements not looking cluttered.
Relevant CTA buttons to the banner images with contrasting color that stands
out from the background.
Live chat option.
Sections such as best sellers, testimonial, featured, collection name etc should
always have a heading to inform users what the section is about.
Best seller section on home page.
Testimonial section on home page.
Trust badge such as any award/ recognition displayed on home page.
Broad search bar in the header section for websites with large number of
Footer displaying all contact details.
Currency translator in Footer/Header for multi-location websites.
Navigation bar should be sticky.
Navigation bar or menu bar highlighted with a contrasting color from the
background to enhance visibility.
Refund/ Shipping Policy Pages/ About us/Contact page should be there
Using Primary CTA’s at the “above the fold” portion of the website such as
enquiry, shop collection, etc.

Product thumbnails should not be more than 3 in a row so that it stays large
enough for a user to see and get an idea of the product clearly.
Product Filters should be simply named & should be working.
Offer a “clear all” option for filter selections.

Buy now/ Add to cart buttons should be in visible colors & font.
Product sharing options should be present.
Section for ratings and reviews must be there below the product description
High quality product images/videos
Size chart (in case of fashion niche)
Section for “You may also like” or “Frequently bought together”
Show product scarcity where possible like “few items left”
 A Notification or a dialogue box/ popup that item has been added to cartCart/ Checkout
The cart icon should display the number of items added.
Badge for safe payment experience


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Coversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique for increasing the percentage of your website traffic

BoostStar Agency offers a range of services in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) aimed at helping businesses improve their website performance and increase conversions. Here are some of the key services provided by BoostStar Agency in the field of CRO:

Conversion Rate Audit: BoostStar Agency conducts a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify areas of improvement and  this audit includes assessing user experience, website design, landing pages, checkout process, and overall conversion funnel.

These are just some of the services offered by BoostStar Agency in Conversion Rate Optimization. Aim to optimize your website’s performance, increase conversions, and ultimately drive business growth.


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