On Page SEO for Shopify Homepage ?

On Page SEO for Shopify Homepage ?

Optimizing the Homepage for SEO in Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

Title Tag:

To enhance the SEO performance of your Shopify homepage, start by incorporating a main keyword into the title tag. Don’t limit the title tag to just your brand name. For instance, if you run a Gym Clothing store called Logeix Gym Clothing in the UK, your title tag could be something like:

“Logeix Gym Clothing UK | Shop Online”

This approach ensures that your homepage targets a broader keyword while still including your brand name. Be cautious not to compete with a collection page targeting a similar keyword.

Meta Description:

Craft a persuasive meta description for your homepage to entice users to click. Include the primary keyword, but dedicate effort to highlighting what distinguishes your product selection and store from competitors. Showcase any unique selling points, such as a vast product range, competitive prices, fast delivery, and other appealing factors.

On Page SEO for Shopify in 2023 - Logeix



Avoid common mistakes with the homepage’s H1 tag, such as setting the logo as the H1 or using generic phrases like “Welcome to our website.” Instead, manually insert an H1 section into the page and include your targeted keyword, as you would on any other page. For example, if your store sells gym clothing, the H1 might read:

“Buy Gym Clothing Online UK”

Position the H1 near the top of the page for optimal visibility, but consider user experience, design, and creative aspects as well.


Your homepage should feature more than just collection or product grids. Assess the content needs by comparing with competitors, but aim to include at least a few hundred additional words. An effective approach is to include a brief introduction to your store and incorporate an FAQ toggle to address common questions.

Internal Links:

Internal links play a vital role in driving traffic and influencing the rankings of important collections on the homepage. Employ hero images and collection grids strategically for this purpose. Consider two key factors:

Prioritize linking to the most crucial collections based on popularity, sales, or revenue.

Ensure that there is text associated with the link for search engine optimization. Avoid using image-only links in grids, as search engines may not recognize them. Include text as anchor text, as it is a ranking factor.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively optimize your Shopify homepage for SEO, improving its visibility and user engagement.

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