Google Search Console issues ?

Google Search Console issues ?

Google Search Console is a valuable tool provided by Google to help website owners understand how their sites are being crawled and indexed by the search engine. It provides insights into potential issues that may be affecting your site’s performance. Here’s how you can use it to identify and address issues on your Shopify website:

Accessing Google Search Console:

Set up your website in Google Search Console if you haven’t already.

Identifying and Resolving Issues:

Once your site is set up, navigate to the “Coverage” section. Here, you’ll find a summary of issues that Google has detected on your site.


Review the coverage report to identify any errors. In this example, there are 80 errors, which need attention.

Specifically, focus on the types of issues listed:
Missing Pages (404 errors):

These are pages that return a “Page Not Found” error. Confirm the missing pages and consider redirecting them with a 301 redirect if necessary.

Pages Set to Noindex:

If some pages are in the sitemap but set to “noindex,” assess whether this is intentional or not. Adjust the settings if needed to ensure indexing.

Soft 404 Pages:

A soft 404 error occurs when a page doesn’t return a true “Page Not Found” status but still resembles a 404 page. Investigate and address this issue.

Correct the identified issues accordingly. Ensure missing pages are redirected or removed, fix pages set to noindex, and resolve soft 404 errors.

Besides coverage issues, check the “Enhancements” section, which may reveal structured data issues or other enhancements that can improve your site’s visibility.

Investigate any structured data issues and address them. Structured data helps Google understand the content and context of your pages, which can enhance your search results appearance.

By regularly monitoring Google Search Console and addressing the identified issues, you can maintain the health of your Shopify website and improve its performance in search engine results.

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