Crawling for other issues with Sitebulb ?

Crawling for other issues with Sitebulb ?

Crawling your Shopify website with tools like Sitebulb is a crucial step to uncovering and addressing technical SEO issues. This process allows you to identify issues beyond a simple checklist, ensuring the comprehensive optimization of your online store. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to perform a crawl using Sitebulb:

Starting the Crawl:

Click on the green “Start a new Project” button within Sitebulb.

Enter your project details, including your website’s URL and preferred settings. For eCommerce sites like Shopify, consider using the Chrome Crawler, as it can handle JavaScript faceted navigation and product grids.


Click “Save and Continue” to proceed.

Configuring Options:

Configure your crawl options. In this example, the “Structured Data” option is turned on. Adjust any other settings based on your specific needs.

Click “Start Now” to initiate the crawl.

Reviewing the Crawl Results:

Wait for the crawl to complete. This may take some time, especially if you have a large number of product pages.

Once the crawl finishes, review the results. You’ll see various recommendations and issues identified by Sitebulb.

Focus on SEO Hints:

Focus on the SEO hints, as they are critical for optimizing your Shopify site. These hints are sorted by importance, and Sitebulb provides explanations and lists of affected URLs.

Start by addressing Critical and High importance hints first, as they have the most significant impact on your site’s SEO.

Common Issues on Shopify:

Common issues you may encounter on Shopify include:

Single Internal Link or Missing Canonical URL: This indicates issues with internal product links, which should be fixed.

URLs with Similar Content: Typically related to product variants.

URLs with Duplicate H1 Tags: Common for product variants or auto-generated pages like tags.

Internal Redirected URLs: Occur when URLs were changed, but internal links were not updated.

Broken Internal URLs: Indicate broken links, often due to deleted or renamed products or collections.

Additional Issues:

Sitebulb will also flag common issues such as title tag length, missing meta descriptions, and images lacking alt text.

By systematically addressing these technical SEO issues identified during the crawl, you can enhance the overall performance and visibility of your Shopify website.

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