BoostStar: Optimizing the Speed of Your Shopify Store

BoostStar: Optimizing the Speed of Your Shopify Store

The speed of a website today can make or break a company in the fast-paced online world. High bounce rates, low conversion rates, and a decline in sales might result from a slow website. We see that even a one-second delay in a website’s loading time can lower conversion rates. This is where BoostStar, a group of Shopify engineers steps in with a focus on efficiency and speed optimization.

BoostStar offers ethical speed optimization at an affordable price with guaranteed improvement without breaking any functionality or website layout.

They focus on the following opportunities to optimize the performance of your Shopify store –

1.Full Speed Optimization Audit

The first step in optimizing the speed of your Shopify store is to conduct a full speed optimization audit. BoostStar will analyze your website and identify areas that need improvement. We will look into the website’s code, server response time, and page size, among other things, to provide a comprehensive report of the website’s performance.

2.Find and fix any java scripts that are halting

Java scripts might make your website load slowly by reducing its speed. To make sure they don’t have an impact on the performance of your website, We, Booststar will review all the java scripts on it, find the ones that are causing the delay, and fix them.

3.Check and Remove App’s Unnecessary Code

Several programs are often used by Shopify stores to improve the operation of their websites. Unfortunately, these programs could introduce extra code that makes the website load more slowly. Your website’s speed will increase when we willΒ finds and removes all unused code.

4.Image Optimization and Compression

The pace of your website might be greatly slowed down by large graphics. To speed up the loading of your website, BoostStar will optimize your images, reduce their size, and compress them without sacrificing quality.

5.Optimize All Website Assets (Images, CSS, JS, etc.)

Your website may load slowly as a result of heavy JavaScript, bloated CSS, and large image files. To increase the speed at which your website loads, BoostStar will optimize all of its resources, including images, CSS, and JavaScript files.

6.Optimize the Video and Gif

Videos and GIFs can be a great way to highlight your company’s goods and services on your website, but they can also slow it down. To speed up the loading of your website, BoostStar will optimize videos and GIFs, reduce their size, and compress them without compromising quality.

7.Improve Liquid Rendering Time

Liquid is the template language used in Shopify. BoostStar will improve the liquid rendering time to ensure your website loads faster.

8.Compress JS and CSS files

BoostStar can compress your website’s JavaScript and CSS files to reduce their file size and improve loading times.

9.Pre-load critical assets

BoostStar can identify the critical assets needed for your website and preload them to improve loading times. This can include images, videos, and other resources.

10.Handle third-party scripts (apps)

BoostStar can review the third-party scripts and apps on your website and optimize them for faster loading times. This may include removing unnecessary scripts or deferring them until after the page has loaded.

BoostStar will help your Shopify store run faster, which can increase sales, lower bounce rates, and enhance conversion rates. Their moral approach to speed optimization guarantees that your website’s usability and design are not compromised while it is being made faster.

To increase the performance and speed of your website, get in touch with BoostStar soon.

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